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Bouquet of Flowers

One of the more realistic Marc Chagall paintings, Bouquet of Flowers presents a vivid, yet soothing vision of flowers cast in the backlight of the moon.

Marc Chagall's Painting Bouquet of Flowers

In typical Chagall fashion, no portion of the canvas is left unscathed, with the bold, dark colors of the night sky offsetting the bright, and uncharacteristically detailed coloring of the flower buds and stems. It is not often that Chagall goes into such detail with fine points like the flower stems, which makes this painting a unique treat for the eyes.

As you have undoubtedly noticed with other Marc Chagall paintings, the scenes presented are often semi-chaotic family events or other such high energy images. With Bouquet of Flowers, however, one gets the impression that Chagall was in a mellow mood, perhaps inspired by the tranquility of the half-moon sky.

Further to the presence of detail, if you look closely at the half-moon, you will notice the faint image of a couple holding hands over the moon. This would appear to tie into the traditional Chagall style of a fancy-free, child-like perception of life. One can only imagine the beautiful views that Chagall enjoyed from his balcony, which in Bouquet of Flowers, appears to overlook other houses and faces the mountains in the background. Truly an inspirational setting.

This painting showcases Chagall’s seldom used ability to paint with great detail, while still remaining faithful to his abstract, emotional style that is so evident in his other paintings.

Please note, Bouquet of Flowers is not to be confused with another Marc Chagall painting, Bouquet De Fleurs. While both paintings are more or less of a vase of flowers, I chose the former for my list because it is not only detailed, but also manages to better blend the abstract style of many of Chagall’s paintings with the precision of the flowers.

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