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Lovers and Flowers

Lovers & Flowers is certainly one of the more cheerful Marc Chagall paintings. From the bright, vibrant colors, to the red bird flying by, you know this is meant to be a happy scene. Chagall stays true to form with this work, covering the canvas in energetic and inspirational colors that convey a sense of warmth and bliss.

Marc Chagall's Painting Lovers and Flowers

As is common with many Marc Chagall paintings, the image is presented in a somewhat abstract fashion, with a blurred and almost dreamlike perception of reality. This gives the viewer a feeling of what the subjects were experiencing emotionally, as anyone who has experienced young love will attest to. Note the strong use of yellow, which one could interpret as a metaphor for spring and summer; the two months most commonly associated with new love.

Lovers & Flowers made my Marc Chagall paintings list of favorites based almost solely on its artistic merit and sentimental subtleties. The strong, bright colors offered, while not unique to this painting, are used in a different fashion than other Chagall works. Instead of being used to suggest a view of chaos or energy, they are used to suggest a subtle emotional state that so few artists are capable of transferring to canvas. At the same time, the subject of the work is classic Chagall, pointing to a deep-rooted appreciation of family life and love. The subjects pictured are shown in much more serene colors than the surroundings, signifying a calm and content feeling between the couple that is mirrored with the brush technique used extensively throughout the rest of the painting.

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