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Marc Chagall's art has evoked a wide spectrum of opinions and emotions in millions of people. Although recognized for the deeply-symbolic images incorporated in his paintings, Chagall's various work became difficult to categorize into a specific style. The artist's uniqueness prompted numerous Marc Chagall museums to be erected worldwide.

Lincoln Center - New York
Though not considered to be one of the well-established Marc Chagall museums, the lobby of the Metropolitan Opera House displays some of Chagall’s finest mosaic murals - definitely worth a visit when in the New York area.

United Nations Headquarters
Again an unofficial museum, the United Nations headquarters in New York has a breathtaking stained glass window created by Chagall.

Musee National Message Biblique Marc Chagall
Located in Nice, France, it is perhaps the most visited of the Marc Chagall museums. It opened in 1973, and was a gift to the French Government. Chagall assisted in the design of this permanent house for his art work. It boasts twenty of Chagall's biblical paintings representing familiar stories from the Old Testament.

Marc Chagall Museum in Vitebsk
This Chagall honouring museum, situated at 29 Pokrovskaia Street, was founded in 1997 in what was once the home of Chagall's family. Although the museum holds only copies of his work, it is meaningful to view the art in the artist's homestead. Shortly before his death and before the fall of the Soviet Bloc, Chagall was considered "persona non grata" (unwelcome) in his natal country.

Tudeley Church
Located in the small village of Kent, England, it is the only church to have a complete set of window glass art work painted by Marc Chagall.

While Chagall's work is most honourably appreciated in Marc Chagall museums, the following famous locations also have some of his paintings on display:


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