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Three Candles

The appropriately titled Three Candles is one of those Marc Chagall paintings that really holds your attention when you take a close look at it. Aside from the focal point of the three candles, there are many subtle details to be found in this image, which gives it real lasting appeal.

Marc Chagall: Three Candles

Common Themes
Upon close inspection you will notice that Chagall has incorporated many of his trademark themes here, such as young love and religious icons, while mixing in his abstract style. The background features many angelic-like figures floating around. The young couple appears to be rising up with the angels, which reflects heavily on Chagall’s appreciation of love, and the respect and dignity that he affords it.

The young lovers themselves are focusing on the candles, which have definite religious undertones, conveying a religious perspective for their relationship. The land and small town in the background are presented in a fashion typical of Marc Chagall paintings: small, on a hill, and painted with function rather than form. While the center of the painting; the young couple and the candles, are shown in a clear and targeted manner. All other elements are revealed in a dreamlike state, with little detail and an abstract style.

I chose this work for my list of favorites because, like some of Chagall’s other paintings, it showcases many of his different influences and talents. In typical Chagall fashion, the colors are vivid and cover the canvas from edge to edge. The beauty truly lies within the details of Three Candles, as they will really make you think just what the artist was trying to convey with several seemingly unrelated characters and objects.

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