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Violoniste Bleue

Most Marc Chagall paintings seem to carry a certain fanciful style, and Violoniste Bleue is no exception. With its outdoor setting, floating objects, and vibrant, swirling colors, this painting is classic Chagall.

Marc Chagall: Violoniste Bleue

As is common with many Chagall works, Violoniste Bleue features the protagonist floating against the night sky. This, coupled with his body posture and the birds flocking to him presents a very festive atmosphere. The town below lends images of a French market in the evening with wandering minstrels and plenty of good food.

As noted above, Chagall frequently raises characters up into the sky, as if halfway to heaven, in an attempt to make them appear more important, and perhaps cast them in a more favorable light than the rest of the painting. You will note that Chagall has effectively observed the properties of the moonlight in Violoniste Bleue, and the violinist appears to be accurately lit which acts as a perfect metaphor for the high regard of the musician. This accuracy is something that is not always present in many Marc Chagall paintings.

Keen observers will recognize the townscape below as one that has been featured in countless other Chagall works. Who can blame him for using this setting again and again? The moonlight casts a favorable glow over the buildings and provides an outstanding frame for his work. This location is the Jewish village that he lived in for four years after leaving Russia. It is during this period that many Chagall aficionados believe his best work was done.

Violoniste Bleue makes it into my favorites Marc Chagall paintings list because it is a good example of Chagall’s style during his stay in the aforementioned Jewish village. It combines his use of bold colors, his fantasy style, and is simply pleasing to the eye.

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