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Lovers in Moonlight

Lovers in Moonlight is a good example of the style evident in many Marc Chagall paintings. You have romance, religion, abstractionism, and, of course, bold colors. The high regard that Chagall holds for love is truly evident in this work, and the proof is in the details.

Marc Chagall's Painting Lovers in Moonlight

Notice the angel present near the two lovers. This conveys a certain holiness and sanctity for the concept of young and old love. This is a recurring theme in several of Marc Chagall’s paintings, likely a result of his religious upbringing and large family. See Three Candles for another very similar example of this premise.

The outdoor setting is accentuated by the ‘through the window’ view, which not only serves to frame the scene, but adds a flavor of atmosphere. The deep, bold colors really serve to add a passionate mood to the view, which is something that is necessary for this kind of outlook. The detail, or lack thereof, on the faces of the two lovers, is quite effective at drawing the attention away from the faces themselves, and onto the sheer passion of their pose, which really is the point of this work.

As usual, Chagall sees no need to waste canvas with anything less than deep, vivid colors, stretching from edge to edge. I see this painting hanging on a red wall in a large room, creating a rich, striking contrast that draws your eye when you walk into the room. Aside from being a good example of a Marc Chagall painting, thanks to its theme of romance and religion, I like this one because of its artistic merit. The colors just work together to create a beautiful image.

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